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A-type star

(A, A-class star)
(star with spectral characteristics of around 8500 K)

An A-type star is a star within the A-class, a spectral class indicating stars with strong hydrogen absorption lines, a white color and a surface temperature in the range of 7,500 to 10,000 K. The spectral energy distribution peaks in the visible/near ultraviolet range. Main sequence stars of this class are on the order of 2 solar masses, 2 times solar radius and 10 times as bright as the Sun. Such main sequence stars burn their hydrogen on the order of a billion years. Characteristics of A-type main sequence stars:

1.5-2.4absolute magnitude(visual)
5-25bolometric luminosity(solar)
1.5-4 billion yearsmain-sequence lifetime

Example A-type stars are Canopus (a supergiant), HR 8799, Sirius A and Vega.

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Further reading:
145nm2.1PHz8.6eVbeginA-type star
290nm1.1PHz4.3eVendA-type star

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