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(type of product function of two functions)

A Convolution is a type of product function of two functions defined as:

(f*g)(t) means ∫ f(x)g(t-x) dx

   (for x from -∞ to ∞)

f*g - the convolution of functions f and g.

One way to explain it is that it is the amount of overlap when one function is shifted over another. The Voigt Function is a convolution of two functions (for two processes) affecting Spectral Line shape. Convolution appears to be basic to some optical applications and gives a mathematical model for effects of blurring, e.g., from Aberration, and also the effect of detectors on images. It models the affect of a function representing the Intensity of incoming light with another function representing the distortion, and the mathematics of convolutions spells out the possibility and means of reversing the distortion.


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