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Fine Structure

(spectral lines due to electron spin and relativistic effects)

Fine Structure are Spectral Lines resulting from small differences in energy states of atoms due to differences in electron spin and relativistic effects. The term Gross Structure is used to indicate other lines. Gross lines can be seen as split into pairs of fine lines, which are smaller in energy level on the order of the square of a constant (the Fine Structure Constant) that is approximately 1/137.

For Hydrogen, energy level n=1 is divided by the Hyperfine Structure, resulting in the 21cm Line and energy level n=2 is divided by the fine structure, resulting in a 28.37cm line.

For Carbon, the fine structure lines are Forbidden Lines and are listed as [CI] (490GHz and 810GHz) and [CII] for neutral and ionized carbon.

Oxygen fine structure lines include 63μm.

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