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Great Wall

(Coma Wall, CfA2 Great Wall)
(large slab of galaxies)

The Great Wall is a Large Scale Structure (LSS) element discovered in 1989 in the CfA Redshift Survey. It is 200 million light-years away and is 500 million light-years by 300 million light-years by 16 million light-years. Across the sky, it is a long area, diagonally spanning hours 8 to 17 and about 0 to +50 degrees. It includes the Hercules Supercluster, the Coma Supercluster and the Leo Cluster.

Other larger structures ("Great Walls") have been discovered since such as the Sloan Great Wall (SGW) and the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall (Her-CrB GW).

(large scale structure)
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