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griz photometric system

(Gunn photometric system, Thuan-Gunn photometric system, Oke-Gunn photometric system)
(photometric system designed for electronic sensors)

The griz photometric system was developed in the 1970s/1980s for use with electronic sensors, eventually CCDs. Other names are the Gunn photometric system, the Thuan-Gunn photometric system, and the Oke-Gunn photometric system, for some of its principal developers. The ugriz photometric system used by Sloan Digital Sky Survey is something of a follow-on but differs in detail. griz indicates the letter names of the passbands:

passband indicatorcentered on
g475 nmgreen
r622 nmred
i763 nmnear infrared
z905 nminfrared

They are cited in various ways, such as Gunn-i.

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