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Kennicutt-Schmidt law

(Kennicutt-Schmidt relation, Schmidt law, star formation law)
(relation between gas density and star formation rate)

The Kennicutt-Schmidt law (Kennicutt-Schmidt relation, Schmidt law or star formation law) is an empirical relation between a star-forming region's star formation rate (SFR) and its gas density, stating the SFR is proportional to a power of its gas density, i.e.,

ΣSFR ∝ (Σgas)n

It is typically stated in terms of surface densities of each, with ΣSFR as the SFR, Σgas as the gas density. n is a constant, currently estimated to be 1.4 if the SFR is in solar masses per year per square parsec and gas density is grams per square parsec.

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