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(Submillimetre Common-Use Bolometer Array)
(submillimeter instrument on James Clark Maxwell Telescope)

SCUBA (for Submillimetre Common-Use Bolometer Array) is is the name of two instruments (SCUBA-1 and SCUBA-2) on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) in Hawaii.

SCUBA-1 had 91 pixels at 450 microns and 37 pixels at 850 microns, and detects thermal Emission from Cosmic Dust. It was deployed in the 1990s and retired in 2005.

SCUBA-2 has 5120 array elements at each of the same two Wavelengths, and was deployed in November 2011. With was produced the SCUBA-2 All Sky Survey (SASSy), a survey of the northern sky with an Angular Resolution of 14 arcseconds.


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