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(UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey)
(five-part infrared survey using UKIRT)

UKIDSS is an Infrared Astronomical Survey using UKIRT, begun in 2005. It is the overall name for five sub-surveys:

  • ULAS - Large Area Survey, covering the same region as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
  • UGPS - Galactic Plane Survey.
  • UGCS - Galactic Clusters Survey.
  • UDXS - Deep Extragalactic Survey.
  • UUDS - Deep Survey (concentrates on smaller area than UDXS).

UDXSUDXS J221611.51+003308.1UKIDSSDeep Extragalactic Survey
UGCSUGCS J030013.86+490142.5UKIDSSGalactic Clusters Survey
UGPSUGPS J0521+3640UKIDSSGalactic Plane Survey
ULASULAS J112001.48+064124.3UKIDSSLarge Area Survey
UUDSUUDS J021922.01-045536.3UKIDSSDeep Survey

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