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Bonner Durchmusterung Catalog

(BD, Durchmusterung)
(well-known astrometric catalog from late 1800s)

The Bonner Durchmusterung Catalog (Durchmusterung or BD) is a whole-sky (except for the far south) catalog of the astrometry and apparent magnitude of stars, assembled at the Bonn Observatory from 1859 to 1903, covering 325,000 stars to a magnitude of 9 or 10. Two extensions covering the southern-hemisphere extensions are the Cordoba Durchmusterung and the Cape Photographic Durchmusterung.

Further reading:
BDBD+36 2147 
CDCD-36°15693Cordoba Durchmusterung
CDMCDM-45°1841Cordoba Durchmusterung
CoDCoD-36°7429Cordoba Durchmusterung
CPCP-54°1925Cape Photographic Durchmusterung
CPDCPD-57°2874Cape Photographic Durchmusterung
DMDM-45 1841Cordoba Durchmusterung

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