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55 Cancri e

(55 Cnc e)
(superearth orbiting a Sun-like star)

55 Cancri e (55 Cnc e) is a super-Earth of about 8.6 Earth masses, orbiting a G-type star, but close to the star with an orbital period of about 18 hours (but was first thought to have a period of 2.8 days). Its determined density is based on estimates of the host star's mass and radius along with data from observed transits and the star's radial velocity, yielding a radius of roughly 2 Earth radii and a density slightly (5%-10%) more than Earth's. Given its proximity to he star, the temperature of the star-facing side has been calculated to be higher than 2000 K. Characteristics:

(exoplanet,transits,RV method,super-Earth)
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~012.6pc41.1ly55 Cancri e
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