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Green Bank 6-cm Radio Source Catalog

(catalog of from 1980s northern-hemisphere radio survey)

The Green Bank 6-cm Radio source Catalog (GB6) is an astronomical catalog from an radio astronomical survey of the northern hemisphere conducted in 1986-1987 with the Green Bank 300ft Telescope (GB300) at Green Bank Observatory (GBO), using the NRAO Seven-beam Receiver. Many radio galaxies were discovered and still are known by their "GB6" designation.

The Parkes-MIT-NRAO Surveys comprise the southern hemisphere analog.

Earlier Green Bank surveys with the same telescope are GB1 (the Green Bank 1st survey), GB2 (the Green Bank 2nd survey), GB3 (the Green Bank 3rd survey), and GC (the Green Bank C survey)

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62mm4.85GHz20μeVGreen Bank 6-cm Radio Source Catalog
GB1GB1 1150+497GB 1st survey
GB2GB2 0909+353GB 2nd survey
GB3GB3 2043+749GB 3rd survey
GB6GB6 J0019+7326cm survey
GCGC 0248 + 430GB C survey

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