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Herschel Double Star Catalog

(series of early double star catalogs)

I use Herschel Double Star Catalog to indicate a series of published lists of double stars that William Herschel produced in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Designators based on these lists use an H followed by a Roman numeral that indicates the degree of separation-angle. Herschel was particularly interested in double stars as an aid in uncovering proper motion and parallax. James South and William's son John Herschel later reviewed and edited the list.

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Further reading:
HH V 79 
hh 3750John Herschel, old designator
HJHJ 342John Herschel
HNHN 40or "H N 40", W. Herschel 1821 catalog
SHJSHJ 44John Herschel/James South

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