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(Large Sky Area Multi-object Fibre Spectroscopic Telescope, Guo Shoujing Telescope)
(Chinese telescope for spectroscopic surveys of stars and galaxies)

LAMOST (Large Sky Area Multi-object Fibre Spectroscopic Telescope or Guo Shoujing Telescope) is a 4/6 meter (non-circular) Schmidt reflector telescope (a variant on a Schmidt camera) for spectroscopy of galaxies and Milky Way stars. It focuses on a focal plane of 1.75 meter diameter, to the ends of 4000 repositionable fibers leading to spectrographs. It began service in 2008, aimed at a five-year surveying project called LEGUE (for LAMOST Experiment for Galactic Understanding and Evolution).

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LAMOSTLAMOST J12280490-014825.7 
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