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Large Millimeter Telescope

(LMT, Gran Telescopio Milimétrico, GTM)
(large microwave telescope in Mexico)

The Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT, aka Gran Telescopio Milimétrico, GTM) is a 50-meter diameter telescope at Volcan Sierra Negra, Mexico, aimed at wavelengths on the order of 1 mm, i.e., short microwave and long infrared wavelengths. It is situated at 4,640 metres (15200 feet) and detects 0.85 to 4 mm (75-350 GHz) signal. At its location, only part of the year provides ideal observation. It does not approach the angular resolution of Atacama Large Millimeter Array but features a much larger field of view. Its first light was in 2011, and went into operation in 2013 using the inner 32 m of the reflector, with 50 m becoming operational in 2017. Its angular resolution at 1.1 mm was 8.5 arcsec with the 32 m reflector and 5.5 arcsec with 50 m. The 50 m size gives it the ability to detect a star formation of 10 solar masses per year in galaxies at high redshift. Instruments include:

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.85mm353GHz1.5meVbeginLarge Millimeter Telescope
4mm75GHz310μeVendLarge Millimeter Telescope

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