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PSR 1257+12

(PSR B1257+12, PSR J1300+1240)
(pulsar with first discovered planet system)

PSR 1257+12 (or PSR B1257+12 or PSR J1300+1240) is a pulsar and the first star for which an extra-solar planet was discovered, through pulsar timing, which occurred in 1992. It is a planetary system with at least three planets, PSR 1257+12 A, B, and C (The system's first exoplanet name was coined before the convention to designate exoplanets with lower case letters beginning with b, and the three planets are now also confusingly known by the conventional designators, PSR 1257+12 b, c, and d). The term pulsar planet is used for such planets, i.e., orbiting pulsars, often also meaning found through pulsar timing, virtually the only method by which they are identified.

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