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Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxy

(a galaxy emitting a more far infrared than an LIRG)

An Ultraluminous Infrared (IR) Galaxy (ULIRG) is a Galaxy emitting more than 1012 times solar Luminosity (L) in the Far Infrared (FIR). It can be considered a type of Luminous Infrared Galaxy (LIRG), i.e., having 1011 times solar luminosity in far infrared. A Hyperluminous Infrared Galaxy (HLIRG) is a galaxy with 1013 times solar luminosity in far infrared.

A LIRG is often a Starburst Galaxy and/or has an Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN) or a Quasar (QSO). A ULIRG is typically a nearby galaxy (low Redshift (z)), and often a merger.

(galaxy type,infrared)

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