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Elliptical Galaxy

(ellipsoidal-shaped galaxy)

An Elliptical Galaxy is a galaxy with an ellipsoidal shape. It is one of three Galaxy classes described by Edwin Hubble, along with spiral galaxies and Lenticular Galaxies. The largest galaxies are elliptical. The Galaxy Classification designations for elliptical galaxies are E0 through E7.

Elliptical galaxies typically have older, low-mass stars, and less interstellar gas and Cosmic Dust, and are not forming many stars.

A very large elliptical galaxy often resides in the center of a Galaxy Cluster (CL). They are termed cD Galaxies, cited as meaning "central dominant", but it is also the Yerkes Galaxy Classification term (a subtype meaning a large D-Type Galaxy) for large, nebulous galaxy, meaning Lenticular (rotating, but more nebulous than spiral).

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