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Synchrotron Radiation

(Magneto-Brems, Magneto-Bremsstrahlung, Magnetobremsstrahlung, MBS)
(radiation emitted when high-speed charged particles are accelerated)

Synchrotron Radiation (or Magnetobremsstrahlung, Magneto-Bremsstrahlung, Magneto-Brems, MBS) is radiation emitted by a charged particle traveling at near the speed of light when it is accelerated. It was discovered in a Synchrotron (particle accelerator). It can be generated in magnetic fields in space. Characteristics:

Radiation from slower-moving charged particles is called Cyclotron Radiation.

Proton Synchrotron Radiation is that specifically generated by protons to distinguish it from the more frequent electron-generated radiation. It is found in proton accelerators and in astrophysical phenomena that accelerate protons to Relativistic Speeds. It is relatively rare because a proton's much larger mass makes achieving the relativistic speeds less frequent.


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