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rare designator prefixes

(designator prefixes generally used for only a few objects)

These are prefixes used in designators of objects (e.g., stars or galaxies) that are not commonly seen for any large number of objects. An IAU initiative offers formalized designation formats with the aim of object-references that are and remain unique and traceable, but designator prefixes actually used for objects are ultimately chosen by those who write or talk about the objects, and they often choose something convenient to write and say, often shortening the prefix. Such designator prefixes in use include:

See also double star designation.

Further reading:
βpmβpm 6author, proper motion, or "BUP"
AA 58or Abell, PNe
A1689A1689-zD1lensed galaxy in Abell Catalog galaxy cluster 1689 field
ABAB 12authors' initials
AbettiAbetti 11discoverer
ACAC 114authors+ or "ACCG 114"
ACAC 211authors
AckAck 277.7-03.5author
ADBSADBS 113845+2008telescope/instrument
AgAg 5author initial, galaxy
AGCAGC 1or "A.G.C.", discoverer "Clark" initials
AH03AH03 J1725-34.4author's initials & year
AhmedAhmed 5author
AlAl 2-Fauthor, PNe
AlcainoAlcaino 49author
ALDALD 19author abbrev.
AlessiAlessi J18350+7223author
AlicanteAlicante 12university
AllerAller 1nameón_María_Aller_Ulloa#Scientific_findings
ALSALS 3721college initial
Andrews-LindsayAndrews-Lindsay 1authors
AnonAnon 0043-37for "anonymous"
AntalovaAntalova 1author
AntipinAntipin V70author
APMPMAPMPM J0237-5928APM high PM stars
ArchesArches-F6object within Arches star cluster
ASAS 353"additional (emission-line) stars"
ASRASR 41authors
ATELAISATELAIS J003411.59-435817.0obs./survey field
AWMAWM 4authors
AzVAzV 456or "AV 456", authors
BB 324"blue" in M33
BABA 1-642authors
BAT99BAT99-98or just "BAT 98", authors & year
BCBC 56obs., carbon star
BDS03BDS03 9or "BDSB" or BDSB2003, authors, year
BennettBennett 4author, or "Ben"
BernesBernes 157author, or "Be"
BFSBFS 15authors
BGBG 0237+61obs.
BGBG 57 42author
BHBH 217authors
BHJBHJ 2authors
BHRBHR 71authors
BIBI 253authors' initials
BicaBica 6discoverer
BiurakanBiurakan 11stellar clusters, obs.
BKBK 1Nauthors
BochumBochum 10obs., also "Bo"
BokBok I 421Fauthor
BondBond 624observer
BPIBPI 14authors
BPMBPM 976"Bordeaux Proper Motion"
BPMABPMA 1"Bordeaux Proper Motion Annex"
BPSBPS CS 22898-0066authors, sometimes just CS or BS
BRBR1202-0725 LAEin UK Schmidt Survey B and R plates
BradleyBradley 3077astronomer
BRANBRAN 285or "BBW 285", author
BRCBRC 68bright-rimmed clouds
BreyBrey 82author
BrhBrh V128author
BRIBRI 1202-0725in UK Schmidt Survey B, R, and I plates
BrunBrun 907author
BSDBSD 41-2321obs., "spectral screening"
BSOBSO 1"blue stellar object" - early quasar detection
BtzBtz 1Aadiscoverer
BUPBUP 6author, proper motion, or "βpm"
BVBV 5-2discoverer
BVBV 625Bamberg obs. variable
BVDBVD 43discoverer
BzKBzK 21000filters
CC 0739-242"cluster"
C*C* 3207carbon-star catalog
CALCAL 87organization
CalarCalar 3obs.
CamargoCamargo 439discoverer
CamelopardalisCamelopardalis Bconstellation name
CarinaCarina Dwarfconstellation name
CasCas 1constellation abbreviation
CaseCase 271obs.
CBCB 34authors
CBBCBB 3authors
CBSCBS 127obs., blue star
CCCPCCCP-Cl 14survey
CCCSCCCS 1174cool carbon stars
CCMCCM 10authors
CCSCCS 1394cool carbon stars
CECE 457observatories
CELCEL 1instrument
CGCG 657obs., galaxy
CGCSCGCS 673cool galactic carbon stars
CGOCGO 439galactic O stars
CGSSCGSS 184S-type star, same as CSS
Cha HalphaCha Halpha 2SFR, H-alpha source
ChereulChereul 1moving groups, author
ChristieChristie's Leo Clusterfor discoverer "William H. Christie" of Mount Wilson Observatory
ChupinaChupina 1stellar clusters, author
CHXRCHXR 49SFR, X-ray source
CiCi 20 483Cincinnati Obs.
CIGCIG 993isolated galaxies
CITCIT 3institution
CIZACIZA J2242.8+5301cluster ZOA
CKCK 2authors
CLCL 2SN remnant
CLSCLS 50institution, late-type star
CLUSTCLUST 1stellar clusters
CMCM 12authors
CnCn 1-1PN, discoverer
COCO-0.40-0.22molecular clouds
CoKu TauCoKu Tau/1authors, SFR
CoxCox 98author
CPCP 1919"Cambridge pulsar"
CPMCPM 19authors
CPOCPO 7or "CapO", obs.
CRBRCRBR 2316.6-2131authors
CSLCSL-1institutions, lens
CSOCSO 92institution, stellar object
CSSCSS 184S-type stars
CTACTA-102Caltech radio source list A
CTBCTB 22Caltech radio source list B
CTCVCTCV J2056-3014institution, cataclysmic variable stars
CTDCTD 20Caltech radio source list D
CTSSCTSS 3authors, PNe
CWCW 1045+525institution
DD 413discoverer
DD 478dark nebulae in M31
DanksDanks 2author
DBDB2001 36authors, open clusters
DBBDBB 354authors, molecular clouds
DBSBDBSB 48authors, stellar clusters
DCDC 1842-62author, galaxy clusters
DeHtDeHt 5or "DHW", authors, PNe
DEMDEML 158authors, HI regions
DGDG 129authors
DHKDHK 29author
DiasDias 6author, open clusters
DjorgDjorg 3author, globular clusters
DM99DM99 10authors
DODO 20Dearborn Observatory
DoDo 41or "Dolidze", author, open clusters
DoArDoAr 9or "Do-Ar 9", authors
DRDR 21authors, microwave sources
DRCGDRCG 0428-53author, galaxy clusters
DVDV 38author
DVDV 88institution, variable stars in LMC
DWDW 1548-05obs.
EBLMEBLM J0555-57Abproject acronym
EGBEGB 6authors, PNe
EGGEGG 30author
EGGREGGR 131or "EG 131 or GR 131", authors
EGMEGM 100author
EICEIC 725Equatorial Infrared Catalog
EISEIS 0048-2942ESO imaging survey
EliasElias 2-27three papers by Elias
Es-BirmEs-Birm 120authors
EscorialEscorial 31town, open clusters
ESO-HAESO-HA 1481or "ESO-Halpha 1481"
F2MF2M J1004+1229surveys
FagerholmFagerholm 136author
FCCFCC 35Fornax cluster catalog
FeigeFeige 48author
FerreroFerrero 27discoverer, asterisms
FeStFeSt 1-108authors
FgFg 3or "Fleming", author, PNe
FGCFGC 1540flat galaxies catalogue
FJFFJF 270author
FMFM1discoverer's/author's initials
FMMFMM 241authors
FMMFMM 3authors
FOVFOV J0040+0125survey
FRFr 1discoverer, open clusters
FSFS 34"faint standard"
FSOFSO 5used but ambiguous
FSPFSP 103flare star constellation
FSRFSR 1758authors
FTMFTM 0830+3759has been used for "F2M 0830+3759"
FuruhjelmFuruhjelm I 285aka FI-285, author
GG 67has been used for "GV 67"
GATGAT 1373author
GCGSSGCGSS 184S-type star, same as CSS
GCIRSGCIRS 13E"Galactic Center IR source"
GCSGCS 3galactic center source
GCSSGCSS 447general catalog of S-type stars
GEVGEV J1809-2327GeV GR sources
GFGF 7"globular filament" nebula
GGDGGD 17authors
GHCGGHCG 46authors, galaxy cluster
GHOGHO 0303+1706authors
GlassGlass Rauthor
GLKAGLKA 577laboratory
GMGM 2-39authors, PNe
GMGM1-29authors, cometary nebulae
GMPGMP 2921authors
GOODS 850GOODS 850-8field, wavelength
GRGR 0135-08obs. RS
GRGR 260discoverer's initials
GRGR 31cataloger, red dwarfs
GRGR 8discoverer's/author's initials
GRVGRV 8authors
GSGS 285authors, emission nebulae
GShGSh 100-02-41or GS 100-02-41, galactic shell
GSSGSS 31authors, IR sources
GTGT 0236+610authors
GumGum 4discoverer, emission nebula
GVGV 67"Grande Vitesse"
GYGY 297authors
HadHad V62discoverer
HaffnerHaffner 18discoverer, open clusters
HaroHaro 29author
HarvardHarvard 20obs., open clusters
HaTrHaTr 4authors, PNe
HBHB 2124-4228authors
HbHb 12author
HBVHBV 475obs., variable
HCGHCG 92author, compact groups
HDWHDW 13authors, PNe
HeHe 2-138or "Hen", discoverer, PNe or emission-line stars
HfHf 69discoverer, PNe
HFLSHFLS3Herschel FLS field
HLXHLX-1"hyperluminous X-ray source"
HoHo 14or "Hogg 14", open clusters
HolmbergHolmberg IIdiscoverer
HSHHSH95 31authors' initials
HuHu 1-2discoverer, PNe
HVHV 2112"Harvard Variable" star catalog
HZHZ 9discoverers' initials
ISGISG 39authors' initials and G for galaxy
IsWeIsWe 2discoverers, PNe
IvanovIvanov 7author, open clusters
JacobyJacoby LMC 34author, PNe
JaFuJaFu 2discoverers, PNe
JuchertJuchert 9discoverer, open clusters
JWJW 566authors
KK 13or Kg or King(discoverer), open clusters
KK 4-55discoverer, PNe
KarhulaKarhula 11discoverer, open clusters
KDGKDG 52author's initial and DG for "dwarf galaxy"
KestevenKesteven 79or "Kes", galactic radio sources
KFLKFL 19or "KnFs", authors, PNe
KHKH 24Dauthors' initials
KharchenkoKharchenko 2discoverer, open clusters
KIGKIG 993isolated galaxies
KingKing 13discoverer, open clusters
KjPnKjPn 8authors, PNe
KKHKKH 060authors' initials
KKRKKR 25authors' initials
KlemolaKlemola 44or "Klem", galaxy clusters
KoposovKoposov 2discoverer, globular clusters
KPDKPD 1930+2752Kitt Peak & author initial
KronKron 3author, globular clusters
KronbergerKronberger 61discoverer, stellar clusters
KrugerKruger 60(or Kr) discoverer
KUGKUG 1259+280telescope UV galaxies
KUVKUV 410-4Kondo (author) or Kiso (obs.), UV excess
LL 143-231940s Luyten surveys
LaevensLaevens 2discoverer
LALLAL 21185or "Lal", for "Lalande"
LalandeLalande 21185author
LatysevLatysev 2discoverer(moving group)
LAWDLAWD 13Luyten (author), white dwarfs
LBLB 1479Luyten "blue"
Le GentilLe Gentil 2nebulae
LEHPMLEHPM 1902Liverpool-Edinburgh high PM
LGGLGG 384obs., galaxy groups
LGSLGS 3"Local Group, Suspected"
LHLH 10OB association, authors
LHLH 10-3209star within LH association
LHALHA 120-N 119obs., emission nebulae
LHOLHO 110authors
LMC ABLMC AB 12LMC & authors' initials
LoLo 4or Longmore(author) PNe
LoLo 807or Loden(author)
LoTrLoTr 5authors, PNe
LSRLSR J0822+1700authors' initials
LuhmanLuhman 16(or LUH) discoverer
LyLy(or Lynga) discoverer,stellar clusters
MaffeiMaffei 1author name
MalinMalin 1discoverer
MamajekMamajek 3discoverer
MarkarianMarkarian 6stellar clusters, author
MayallMayall IIused in 1953 paper
MayerMayer 2discoverer
MBMB 3authors' initials
MCCMCC 481obs.
MCWMCW 1179authors
MeMe 2-1discoverer,PNe
MelnickMelnick 42author
MercerMercer 81author, stellar clusters
MGCMGC1for "Martin Globular Cluster", Nicolas Martin, primary author
MRMR 2251-178maybe for MIT Ricker?
MRMR 93or "Roberts 93", Wolf-Rayet stars
MWCMWC 349"Mount Wilson Catalog"
MzMz 3author
NN 164abbreviated from LHA 120-N 64
NaNa 2author
NeVeNeVe 3-4authors
NMLNML Cygniauthors
OclOcl-89open clusters
OoOo 2311author
OTSOTS 44authors
PP871author initial
PBPB 10authors
PCPC 22authors
PePe 1-4author
PisPis 20or Pi or Pismis(discoverer)
PlataisPlatais 1author
PMPM 1-173author
PrPr0201for open cluster Praesepe
PSPS 130authors
QQ0051-279for "quasar", referencing single survey
QQQQ2345+007double quasar
QQQQQQ J1432-0106triple quasar
RaabRaab 19author
RCWRCW 36authors
RensonRenson 570"General catalogue of Ap and Am Stars"
ReticulumReticulum II Dwarfconstellation name
RiddleRiddle 4open clusters
RoRo 4or Roslund, open clusters
RobRob 270author
RuRu 7or "Ruprecht 7", open clusters
SaSa 1-5or "PN Sa 1-5"
SaSa 156or "Sandqvist 156", dark nebulae
SACSSACS 178stars
SANDSAND364short for "NGC 2682 Sand 364"
SaurerSaurer 1open clusters
SaWeSaWe 4PNe
SBSB-WF 3572-1508Hubble Deep Field South SB field
SchoenbergSchoenberg 205/6dark nebulae
SextansSextans Dwarf Sphconstellation name
SFOSFO 68authors
SherSher 25or "Sh 25", author
ShkShk 4author
SimeisSimeis 147obs.
SIPSSIPS1259-4336catalog from 2MASS data
SkSk -68 137author
SLSL 39or "Sandqvist 39", authors
SLSL 9discoverers
SmSm 15author
SMCSMC 018136survey of galaxy
SmethellsSmethells 15author
SOSO025300.5+165258maybe "Skymorph object" or "stellar object"
SPSP 1author, PNe
SP77SP77 46-44(or SP) authors, publication year
SRSR 12paper by Struve & Rudkjøbing of stars in Ophiuchus and Scorpius clouds
SRSSRS 30232astrometry
SSSS 433author initials
StephSteph 762author
StHAStHA 169author, H-alpha emitting stars
STISSTIS 123627+621755Hubble Space Telescope STIS instrument
StKMStKM 1-762author
StockStock 2author
StromloStromlo 16or "Gum 16"
StWrStWr 2-8authors
TeideTeide 1obs.
TerzanTerzan 5series of papers re 12 globular clusters
TeutschTeutsch 126discoverer
TombaughTombaugh 1open clusters
TrumplerTrumpler 27(or "Tr"), author
TSTS 335authors
TVLMTVLM 513-46546author, "very low mass"
UU 494"UPG" abbreviated
UBV MUBV M 42980update to UBV data
UBVUBV 6193catalogs UBV data
ubvy98ubvy98 100180540filters
UGPUGP 619author initials
UMaUMa I dSphconstellation abbreviation: Ursa Major
UPGUPG 494authors
VarVar 83M33 "variable"
VBVB 8discoverer initials
VBRCVBRC 1authors initials
VDVD 1-6author, PNe
VdB-HVdB-H 60aauthors
vdB-HavB-Ha 47authors
VV2000cVV2000c J195928.3+404402authors' initials
VVOVVO 230Van Vleck Observatory
VysVys 3author, same as MCC
WaterlooWaterloo 3(or Wat 3) stellar cluster
WeWe 1-10planetary nebulae
WeSaWeSa 6planetary nebulae
WesterlundWesterlund 1-26(or W26) cluster discoverer
WillmanWillman 1name of a discoverer
WoWo 9540 Ccatalog author
WOHWHO G64authors' initials
WORWOR 4discoverer
WrayWray 17-96author
WTWT 469author initials
YBPYBP 1194author initials
YGKOWYGKOW G1authors' initials
z8z8 GND 5296apparently for "z rounds to 8, GOODS North Deep"
ZCZC 491Zodiacal Catalog